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1. That I Want to Purchase property through HPPL.
2. That, in case of dealing of sale/purchase of the property by the HPPL Franchisee, I undertake to pay the commission as determined by the HPPL.
3. That, I shall obey the terms and condition of the HPPL for purchase of the property.
4. That, in case I purchase the above mentioned property, through any other person, society or company, I undertake to give prior information to HPPL.
5. That, in case of contrary to rules and standard of HPPL, purchase of the above mantioned property is made by me, then , the HPPL shall not be liable in present or in future for any such action.
6. That, I am giving this undertaking in sound state of mind, without any kind of fear after reading and understanding the contents of this undertaking.